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Written by Sales Dep.   
Friday, 02 July 2010 09:27

About Apples

Apples are grown in most parts of Iran, with increasing concentration in the mountainous regions of the north-west and the Damavand plains..
The quality of Iranian apples especially the golden and red delicious varieties – has attracted a wide reception, and created an ever growing market in the Persian Gulf region and C.I.S countries. The inherent qualities of the Iranian fruits, combined with the new, and state of the art, methods of storing, sorting and packaging these delicious gifts of nature, has made Iran a reliable and important source of exportable fruits in the region.

Caring for quality

Fruits are harvested by hand in Iran. This is a reflection of the cost Consideration as well as a desire for extreme care in handling Delicate fruits. Expert fruit pickers. Especially for apples, are kept Under company contract for several years to ensure the availability of specialized man power during harvest seasons Once picked fruits are stored in modern, well equipped cold stores Which the company owns or has under long term counteract .optimum Temperature, humidity and stored in modern, well equipped cold stores Which the company owns or has under long term contract. Optimum Temperature, humidity and air circulation in the cold stores, as well As constant surveillance of the stored fruit, ensures excellent .Quality of the fruits at marketing time


Sorting and packaging

Apples are sorted with the state of the arts equipments Imported by the company form Europe. The fruits are washed, Waxed and graded by our computerized sorting line and then After a final inspection, are hand packed into different packages  Kiwifruit and citrus are also sorted in a similar manner; the citrus Fruits being additionally treated with disinfectants and Fungicides to ensure longer keeping quality United fruit uses several types of packages for Its exported fruit. Apples are packed in cartons Of large(15 kg), medium (8kg) and small (5 kg) sizes The fruits are placed in separator and are Protected by shock absorbers. To ensure the Imported form abroad and used exclusively for Fruits destined for foreign markets. Kiwifruits are packed in one-level, 3Kg Cartons or wooden boxes, and are marketed in eight different classes, according to size. Citrus Fruits are packed in the standard telescopic cartons or in wooden boxes.

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